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Mr Jones - GreenThumb Ft. Partee

TheGreeneThumb Published on Aug 14, 2015 

Mr.  Jones Official Music Video off Album  Greene Room by The Greene Thumb.  Cameo Nabz Beer420 


Rysk Framtiden & Nabz "Don't Make me Laugh"

Rysk Framtiden Published on Mar 31, 2016 Don't make me Laugh - Rysk Framtiden (vocals and lyrics) Track by MokBeatz (Rap Contest) Co Starring Nabz of Beer420 Webradio and BackhandStudios. Produced by BackHandStudios in Conjunction with BODY FARM ENTERTAINMENT All Rights 2016 

Adult AbC'S

Ravenfeller and Rysk were R&R Productions-- and made several video's with a few others later thrown in the trash. 

Dead Reckoning - Like a G6

Fan Video By BHS

Stary Eyes Tribute to Zoot Remix

 Beer Fourtwenty Published on Jun 9, 2013

Original Song by Ellie Goulding, REZOOTED - By Strange People FAN VIDEO Tribute to STRANGE PEOPLE and STARKILLER STORY: "THE FORCE UNLEASHED" Read the BOOK or PLAY the Game, amazing tale... Feel free to download the reZooted version here... 

Totally Tubular Concept Intro

Toilet Tube Puppet Theatre

Horror Promo: Movie Night

Filmed, and never left the Studio.

Cruzin' R&R Productions

Rysk Framtiden Voice - Ravenfeller Animation.

Fuck Club

Scratch Animation, under pseudonym "Beer30" -- Taking the words from FIGHT CLUB, and changing just the one word, FIGHT to FUCK. Turned into a Pro-gay Vid without trying. S&M anyone?

Bob Meets a Hobo

Bob has to think about what he eats.

Bob the Fish Meets Zippy

Bob the Fish, is not a People Person.

About the BackHand

BHS "In the Beginning"

Nabz N Snatch began as a Video Antics Group, recording Drunk Dares and acts of Stupidity. Playing Mainstream Music tracks and interviewing strange guests found over craigslist. Soon we felt it was time to evolve and began dabbling in minor basic animations (such as Bob the Fish, and Fuck Club). Evolution was imminent in this creative Chaos.

Beer420 was formed with Nabz and Snatch in December of 2010 after a road trip to Wisconsin. Where the name was reinvented, backing the Idea of Supporting Independent Bands and artists, mixing in potty humor and adult conversations.

Nabz and Snatch Ended in dispute in 2012, and Beer420 was relaunched with a New Co-host, and all new intro tracks and segways. 

Marc Bluesman Coy became our Co-Host, bringing his Blues Edge and Sense of Humor to the Table. And performed with the BHS Beatnik Band "IronLeaf".

Around the same time, BackHandStudios was born. Mixing Audio comedy tracks, animations, and entertainment segways to the a new list of shows released under its name. Many shows came back to one.

By 2013, the other shows ended. And Beer420 evolved on, interviewing Indie artists for free and promoting their shows and work.

Sideshow Shecky of BaloneyTownTv, took over as Nabz counterpart for several years. 

Now the New Evolution of the BackHandStudios Website- releasing New indie content to the masses. 

"Supporting unsigned Indie Bands & Artists of all mediums, world wide, since 2010".

What do WE do? What's the Deal?

We support Independent Bands and artists of all Mediums. Our Core group of followers are "Viral Followers", if they ENJOY your content, it gets SHARED and SPREAD Fast. More clicks! More views! More followers of content!

  • New Content Support
  • Promotionals (Audio & Visual)
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Creation Aspects of:

  1. Broadcasting
  2. Audio Segways
  3. Audio Comedy & Entertainment
  4. Animations & Cartoons/ Memes
  5. Constitutional Rights Supporters
  6. Grass Root Activism
  7. Audio/ Visual Production
  8. Indie Talent Acquisition 
  9. Sound Equipment for Shows
  10. BHS Entertainment Management

My Life Today

I'm very lucky to be doing what I love as my profession. This job allows me to travel and meet interesting new people all the time. I hope we are able to work together soon!

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We do Promotions! Show Booking Assistance, Animation & Video Production, and help provide sound for shows! Come and Create with Us!

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